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About Us

Dallas Based Mobile Sports Massage Provider

Our Mission

Superior Change seeks to provide superior sports massage through integrated wellness techniques in the Greater Dallas area

Our Plan

We plan to help as many people as possible ranging from private, one on one clients all the way to our corporate and group wellness accounts

Our Vision

Our vision is to show our clients how to treat physical pain and take control of the discomforts life tends to bring.

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Our Services

Clinical Massage

Single Session $100 (1 hour)

Ozone Steam Sauna

Single Session $50 (30 minutes)

Sports Massage

Single Session $80 (1 hour)

Mobile Sports Massage

Single Session $100 (1 hour)

Rock Tape

$10 per body part


Soft Tissue Pain Management Specialist

James McDowell

Business Owner


Heart Head/Brain Head/Brain Teeth/Sinuses Teeth/Sinuses Eye Eye Ear Ear Trapezius Trapezius Armpit Armpit Lung/Chest Lung/Chest Arm Arm Shoulder Shoulder Liver Liver Gall Bladder Spleen Kidney Kidney Elbow Elbow Leg Leg Ascending Colon Descending Colon Appendix Small Intestine Small Intestine Sciatic Nerve Sciatic Nerve Lower Back Sacrum Rectum Bladder Ureter Lumbar Spine Duodenum Pancreas Adrenals Stomach Diaphragm Solar Plexus Esophagus Thyroid Cervical Spine Neck Nose Throat Pituitary

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Garland, Texas United States

Phone Number

+1 (903) 751 - 5354

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